Senior Organizational Psychologist

We are looking for Organizational Psychologists who:

  • Are knowledgeable about literature and theories revolving around organizational psychology and organizational behavior, the history, development and interpretation of various existing psychological assessments and tools.
  • Have a keen interest in important psychometric concepts including reliability, predictive validity, item-response theory, variance accounted for (R^2), etc.
  • Are great active listeners and expert problem solvers to help find the right solutions for our clients
  • Truly enjoy working in a team and collaborating with others to understand, discover and recommend ways to optimize our product and improve user experience using research & data
  • Are always looking to learn and improve – independent self-learners who love to share what they find & thrive in an environment that requires constant growth and learning

What you will do: 

  • You will be the main psychology think tank in Pulsifi, constantly reviewing research that has been done in the area of organizational psychology and other psychology subfields that are relevant to understanding people in the workplace, including (but not exhaustive) personality and psychometrics. 
  • Through such research, you will help Pulsifi in exploring new opportunities in product development and client strategy. 
  • Assist in the validation and improvement of the current psychological tools that Pulsifi has and refresh the norms associated with each assessment regularly so that clients can be better informed and updated about talent insights and help Pulsifi remain competitive in the market.
  • Work closely with the other organizational psychologists in the team to ensure that all research insights are communicated clearly to internal team and clients, and this may include verbal presentations, writing technical manuals, writing white papers, etc.
  • Partner with the data science team to take on benchmarking exercises for clients to uncover traits that differentiate groups of people, e.g., low and high performers. As part of the collaboration with the data science team, you may need to interpret statistical output generated from different statistical software. 
  • Conduct statistical analyses as part of research, especially for analyses more specific to psychology fields, such as confirmatory factor analyses. 
  • From time to time, to provide consultation to clients in the capacity of an Organizational Psychology subject matter expert, such as giving detailed explanations to the clients on the psychology component of our product, guidance on workflow designs in relation to our product, client’s cultural values framework design and mapping workshop, and so on.

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